Chris Jericho Speculates On Why Vince Made Daniel Bryan WWE Champion


During his latest Talk Is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho previewed WWE Survivor Series, discussing why he thinks Vince McMahon made Daniel Bryan champion.

Bryan defeated AJ Styles earlier this week to become WWE Champion, changing the planned match between Styles and Brock Lesnar, with Bryan taking his place and Jericho believes the decision was all about creating a buzz for the show.

“I think that Vince wanted a buzz going into Survivor Series, because he lost his main event, which was Ronda vs. Becky. He needed a buzz. ‘I need buzz-worthy. I will change the title.’ Because to him, A.J. and Bryan are the same. They’re both great workers. They’re both the same size.”

Jericho also went on to take a few shots at the Beast during his preview, discussing Lesnar’s work ethic for matches:

“They’re both going to get eaten alive by Brock depending on what kind of mood he’s in, if he even wants to have a match or whatever. Because sometimes Brock will just show up and say ‘Yeah, we’ll just talk about it in the ring.’ That’s what happened with Ambrose at WrestleMania. They didn’t even go over anything.”

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