Chris Jericho Takes Credit for AEW’s ‘All Out’ Selling Out in 15 Minutes


AEW’s All Out event scheduled for August 31 sold out in 15 minutes on June 14. This comes just weeks after the company’s sold out Double or Nothing event, which saw Chris Jericho defeat Kenny Omega in the main event.

Now Chris Jericho is taking full credit for this latest sellout, just as he took credit for Double or Nothing.

“Don’t forget why you sold out in 15 minutes. Don’t forget why AEW is the hottest wrestling company in the world today. Don’t forget why it’s even in existence in the first place. It’s because of Chris Jericho. it’s because of me.”

Jericho then said he wanted his “thank you,” which echos his words from Double or Nothing. But Chris now wants that thank you for everything, not just for one event. He wants everyone to know that he’s the reason for it all.

Jericho is obviously in character here, just as he’s been every time he’s taken credit for AEW’s success to this point. But there’s no denying that his star power alone has been enough for many pro wrestling fans to take notice of AEW, which is something that the company surely hopes continues in the future.