Chris Jericho Talks About Pro Wrestling At The Olympics & His New Robots Show

WWE superstar Chris Jericho was interviewed by the Miami Herald this week about his new Robot Combat League show, which premieres Tuesday, Feb. 26th on Syfy. Here are some highlights of what Jericho said about:

Robot Combat League: “Whenever you hear about a show featuring 8-foot tall fighting robots controlled by humans, it’s definitely going to peak your interest … The thing about the show is that when you hear about the idea you think, ‘Yeah, this seems kind of cool,’” Jericho said. “Then you really see it like when I first saw how these robots move, how big they really are and fast they punch, it really blew my mind.”

His Current WWE Run & Upcoming Schedule: “I have been feeling great,” Jericho said. “I feel like all the matches that I’ve been having are the best matches on the show or close to it. This is especially true the last couple of weeks working with guys like Daniel Bryan. I really like doing other things too.

“Fozzy has been doing great. We are getting ready to go to Australia and then I will come back to WWE after that. The Robot Combat League is a big opportunity. I’ve always considered myself an entertainer more than just a wrestler or just an actor or just a musician. I think it’s very beneficial to do all these other things, but still be able to come back to WWE for good chunks of time or spurts.”

Pro Wrestling at the Olympics: “Think about it, pro wrestling as an Olympic sport would be pretty cool. Look at figure skating or gymnastics, what is it? It’s a choreographed performance that is judged. It’s whoever puts on the best performance. Why can’t you do that with different countries like a Canadian team, an American team and a German team go in there. Then whoever puts on the best match according to the judges wins. You take two of the best American workers in a match against each other and get scored by the judges. It’s the exact same thing as figures skating, so why not?”

* Pictures of CHRIS JERICHO & The Robot Combat League ROBOTS