Chris Jericho Talks Potential AEW Video Game & His 5 AEW Rising Stars


During his latest Saturday Night Special, Le Champion, Chris Jericho spoke about the potential AEW video game and why it needs to be good.

When speaking about the game, Jericho revealed that Kenny Omega and Aubrey Edwards are very hands-on with the project.

“Kenny and Aubrey have a lot to do with the direction of the game. They are spending a lot of time on its development, putting in a lot of time. We want to ensure that the video game is done right and it is not a half-assed effort,” said Jericho.

He also spoke about the need for the video game to not be rushed and actually end up being of the highest quality possible.

“I look at our video game similar to our action figure line. People have really appreciated the quality of those toys and how cool they look. I think our video game has to follow in the same suit and be something special. Since people have been waiting anxiously for the game, we want to ensure it is really good.”

The Inner Circle leader also moved on to discuss who he thinks are the top rising stars within the company right now.

“I’ll go with Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy, Sammy Guevara, and Thunder Rosa. I’ll also throw in Penelope Ford there,” said Jericho.

Jericho also singled out Sonny Kiss for praise, reflecting on their time working together.

“I really enjoyed working with Sonny [in the tag team match last week on Dynamite]. I’ve been wanting to work with Sonny since Week 3 of Dynamite when I faced Darby. He is a very interesting talent, and he has a different vibe from any other character. There’s something cool and unique there.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)