Chris Jericho To Tetsuya Naito: “I Came to New Japan to F**k You Up!” (Video)


NJPW World has released a new video featuring Chris Jericho cutting a scathing, expletive-laden promo on his NJPW Dominion opponent Tetsuya Naito at today’s NJPW BOTSJ event in Japan. During the event, Naito teamed up with BUSHI to defeat Toa Henare and Tiger Mask, and following the match Jericho appeared on the big screen and the below promo video played.

During the video, Jericho makes the blunt claim that he is going to “f**k Naito up” at Dominion in June, take his Intercontinental Title away from the “filthy animals” in Japan and bring it back to the United States where it belongs.

Jericho adds that Naito is “beyond great”, and that he is the best NJPW has to offer, but Jericho has seen “pieces of s**t” like Naito come and go, and Jericho came to New Japan in order to “f**k” Naito up. Jericho said Naito has no idea what it is to be the main event, and he got his wish. Naito is going to be the most popular star in the world and will become the man Chris Jericho made famous because he is going to beat his “a**” at Dominion. Jericho ended the promo by warning Naito to be careful what he wishes for because, on June 9th, it’s going to become true.