Chris Jericho Touts Success of “Alpha vs. Omega”, Tokyo Dome Numbers, Says He Wants to Be the Brock Lesnar of NJPW


Chris Jericho recently spoke with Dave Lagreca and Bully Ray on Busted Open in his first interview since the instant classic “Alpha vs. Omega” match with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

The wrestling legend spoke about the success of his match in the Tokyo Dome, how WWE burning through their biggest programs on secondary pay-per-views opened the door for it to happen, and the rapid growth of New Japan’s numbers in recent weeks. You can check out highlights from the interview with Jericho down below, as well as a transcription from tweets sent out by Busted Open.

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“WWE and WrestleMania is a brand. People are going no matter what. I think in this day and age WWE is the biggest draw, but for Wrestle Kingdom that wasn’t the case. There were certain goals that New Japan had that were blown out of the water with the announcement of ‘Alpha vs. Omega’. I’m a numbers guy, I was calling every day [asking], ‘what’s the updated tickets?’ We sold 35,000 paid. Last year they did 26,000 and they were hoping for 28,000, maybe 30,000. That’s an extra 7,000 from their projections and almost an extra 10K from what they did last year.”

“What they’re building the most is the New Japan subscription service, and that went through the roof. They did an extra 35% subscriptions in the last two days before the show. I’m taking credit for it. Plus you’re at 2,500 foreigners in the Tokyo Dome. That’s 2,500 people that flew from America, England or wherever. Tell me any independent show in the United States that draws 2,500 people nowadays. It’s pretty rare. So all of those things prove that ‘Alpha vs. Omega’ was a money-making draw. That’s a feather in my cap.”

“I want to really do the Brock Lesnar idea with New Japan if it works out, and just pick my spots. Come and go to where you’re almost like, ‘this guys is barely there, but yet when he’s there it makes an impact.’ So I have to kind of reevaluate and see what I want to do next wrestling-wise, where do I think the next big impact will be, what do I have available timing-wise, and how is the body holding up.”

“A lot of people were saying my last match was my best match I ever had. I never expected that. I knew it was going to be good, but to have that? That’s just a completely different level of excitement too. Once again, I’ve kind of just stumbled into this really cool position, by making smart moves and just kind of using my brain rather than panicking about what I’m going to do next.”

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