Chris Jericho: ‘Vince McMahon Doesn’t Like Tournaments!’


Chris Jericho recently spoke with AfterBuzz TV, here are the highlights…

When the subject of the King of the Ring came up, Y2J shares what Vince McMahon thinks about Tournaments: Vince McMahon does not like tournaments. I think because Wrestlemania 4 was a tournament for the title and it didn’t do a good ppv number and the show wasn’t very good. And ever since then he does not like tournaments.

Jericho revealed that he only recently found out who was supposed to be behind GTV: When I did the Live with Chris Jericho with Stephanie at the Titan Studios WWE Studios. GTV was supposed to be Tom Green. Yes. And I just found out about it the other day. I didn’t know! GTV. And remember doesn’t it fit because remember Tom Green used to film stuff you know, pranks, stuff and all that shit and then what happened was they started planting the seeds for GTV and then Vince actually saw Tom Green’s stuff and said this guy is not funny. Done.

On the new Tough Enough concept: It’s a whole new Tough Enough, it’s not like you’ve seen before. I think from what I understand it’s gonna be more like ‘The Voice’ where there’s mentors you know like if you had Christina Aguilera and Blake Nelson? Shelton or whatever cats are on there. And that’s what Hogan and Paige and Daniel Bryan will do. I’ll be the host.

On his own podcast: Talk is Jericho, bringing in a slew of A-list celebrities and wrestling fans. On the difference between his podcast and a typical interview, Jericho says it’s quite laid back: “It’s all just interactive man it’s fun just to talk. I enjoy doing the podcast because I don’t consider it to be interview it’s a conversation. A great podcast a great interview isn’t a history lesson it’s just talking. We don’t have questions, we’ve been talking for the last 20-40 what ever it is. I enjoy that and my mission is that when people leave the show they go like ‘that is one of my favorite interviews I ever had’. And that’s kinda the feedback that I get. So I’m Johnny Carson I’m not Barbara Walters so if you want hard hitting questions and that sort of thing that’s not my style and it never will be. I like having people come on and have fun, tell some funny stories, have a few laughs and go ‘ya I want to do that again next time’.

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