Chris Masters: ‘Cesaro Didn’t Slam The Big Show At WM30’

In an interview with The Roman Show, Chris Masters said he had doubts that Cesaro actually slammed Big Show out of the ring during the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXX.

He said: “I am pretty sure Big Show jumped for him. Not to take away anything from Cesaro he looks like a talented worker who can probably bring his work down a little bit and his body up, but that’s just my opinion. If he slammed the Big Show than I can probably press the Big Show.”

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  • TheRealSinCara

    Regardless of whether he slammed Show or not, what Cesaro did at Mania is far more impressive than anything Chris Steroids has ever done in his entire WWE career.

    • allan

      andre jumped for hulk and he barely got him up cesaro carried show half way across the ring and threw him out. i bet 50 bux cesaro could bodyslam show anyways

      • TheRealSinCara

        Absolutely. I don’t mean to downplay Hogan bodyslamming Andre in anyway, but picking up a 500+ pound man and walking across the ring with said man over your shoulder is far more impressive.

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    And the Master Lock was totally legit? Nobody could escape it? lol Dude… that’s how it works.

  • Mikeyxbox

    Cesaro is probably the most amazing all around pure wrestler there is today. And no Masters, he doesn’t need to jack himself up. He’s in fantastic shape without having to take steroids like yourself.

    • allan

      steriods gave him b**** tits too

  • allan

    wtf masters isnt a powerlifter hes a bodybuilder a steriod monkey what do he know about real lifting, he thinks hes stronger then cesaro ya right mabye u should have been swinging giants and flipping men around in the air that weight 100 pounds more then him and mabye he wouldnt have got released.

  • Ralph Ramos

    LOL. At 500 pounds, there’s no way Show could jump for Cesaro. That’s a load of bull. Show would need crane to elevate himself. That was a clean slam by one of the true stars of today.

    • rollypolly

      Hey dummy big show is pretty athletic

  • allan

    why is chris masters giving advice to a guy that was bigger and more well know then him even before wwe.

  • Ray Navarro

    Chris Masters is a joke. Trying to dumb down Cesaro’s pure strength just because he himself couldn’t amount to anything. Go back and look at the video. the only thing Big show did to Help was lift up his leg. At his size if he tried to jump to help Cesaro he would have took him over. And him saying he could probably press show lmfao. Size doesn’t mean anything monkey. Look at Ryback. Huge as he is and they make him to be a monster and He couldn’t even lift Paul Heyman on his own without having issues. I don’t like Cesaro’s character but I respect the man as an athlete and his abilities. Never had any respect for Master’s. He is nothing but a glorified monkey. Suprisingly Aside from Cena, funny enough Cesaro and Jack Swagger are 2 of the only true raw strong men in WWE. Cesaro and Swagger are just Freakishly strong while Cena does indeed bust his ass to be as strong as he is. Chris Masters needs to start juicing his intellect instead of his body.