Chris Sabin Says WWE Hasn’t Contacted Him, Talks ROH Contract, & More


In an interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Chris Sabin revealed that he has never had any talks with WWE in his career. Here are highlights:

On if he’s had any talks with WWE: “I’ve never heard anything officially from WWE ever since I started wrestling. Honestly, I have never had a tryout with them or an official phone call. Though, while we are freelance and don’t have a contract with any company, right now we are only really working exclusively with Ring of Honor.”

On Sabin and Alex Shelley’s ROH contracts: “We have a handshake deal and both of us want to be there. Not only did we agree to be there, but both of us want to be there. We think that the Ring of Honor tag team division is the deepest in wrestling. We have the best tag teams. So we want to be where the best are, so we can prove ourselves. It doesn’t matter how long we haven’t been a team. We have this uniqueness and synergy and this tag-team style we helped make popular that is still fresh and new.”

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