Chris Sabin Talks About Changing His Wrestling Style, TNA Title Run & More


Chris Sabin was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald. Here are some highlights:

On changing his style following his injuries:
“The inspiration comes from tearing my ACL twice, because before that I think I relied a lot on my athleticism just to be over,” Sabin said. “I was really focused on the wrestling more than anything else. This is forcing me more to become more of a character where I think I can show more personality. So I think the catalyst was me tearing both my ACLs and not being able to perform the same way I was able to before. Most people can’t tell, but I can’t do all the high-flying stuff I used to do. I think that bringing out more of a character is a necessity for me now.”

On his short world title run:
“It was something I always strive for, but wasn’t something I expected at all. I never thought I would be world champion in this company. It doesn’t mean I didn’t have it as a goal. Especially, so quickly after coming back [and winning it]. I’m really thankful and grateful for it to happen, but kind of feel like I wasn’t ready at the same time because it was so quickly after being injured for two years and before that being in a tag team for five years.

“Then all of sudden I’m trying to be this number one babyface. I just don’t think I was ready. Maybe if they did it over a year or something and they built me up to get my feet back in the water and get used to being in the ring and used to everything that comes to being a professional wrestler on television. I think I could have done a lot better.”

On working with Velvet Sky:
“I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done on television. I think we have a funny dynamic with each other. I enjoy it…It’s pretty easy to work with her. We just bounce ideas off each other and come up with the best. She’s cool with me being mean to her luckily, so that’s the best part.”

On Alex Shelley:
“I think he is enjoying himself,” Sabin said. “We keep in touch and talk. We hang out, but I think he is enjoying New Japan [Pro Wrestling]. He has always been a fan of Japanese wrestling. He can speak the language pretty well too. I would like to see him back and eventually tag with him again one day. You never know.”

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