Christopher Daniels Comments on His Contract Expiring Soon

Christopher Daniels recently spoke with Across the Pond Wrestling about his contract with TNA Wrestling expiring in April of this year.

“All I can tell you at this point is that my contract does end in April. Whether or not I resign depends a lot on the company, I have no plans on seeking employment elsewhere. So we’ll just have to see when that date comes around, man. A lot could happen between now and then, but at this moment I’m very happy with what I’m doing in TNA.

Daniels continued, “I’m very happy wrestling with Frankie Kazarian as my tag team partner, I feel like we’ve barely even scraped the surface as far as the potential for Bad Influence as a tag team. I don’t have plan to break away or cut this out.”

Also in the interview, Daniels talks about TNA’s upcoming Maxium Tour, US Crowds vs. UK Crowds and much more. You can check it at this link.

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  • allan

    why wpuld you bad influence is aweso e and tna will nevergive u the title eventhough your highly respected and no one would disagree hes also in his 40s