Christy Hemme Reacts To Joining TNA’s Creative Team


UPDATE: Christy Hemme and TNA posted the following to Twitter after the announcement that she’s joining the company’s creative team:

ORIGINAL: TNA has announced that Christy Hemme is now part of the company’s creative team.

Hemme, who has been working on production elements for the Knockouts division for a while, joins Matt Conway, Dave Lagana and John Gaburick in the creative team.

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  1. Hahaha terrible idea!! She was a terrible wrestler and will be terrible part of an already terrible creative team. Haha

    • Johnny Ace was a terrible wrestler but you must admit he did a great job finding talent for the WWE. I can assure you his penis wasn’t the locator so think of some other reason she couldn’t do the job.

  2. Does that mean we’re be seeing more of Mr. Creepy lol? Well, believe it or not this isn’t as bad as people may think. I know many in here feel woman should wear thongs and not be heard but then you stink. She has been in the business a while and has actual knowledge of it. Dixie and Broke Hogan got their shot and they knew nothing she at least knows something having been a talent. She knows by now what doesn’t work so give her a chance.


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