Chuck Palumbo Lands New Reality TV Show

The NY Post published an article about former WWE superstar Chuck Palumbo’s newest TV reality show titled, “Lords of the Car Hoards”, which will air on the Discovery Channel on March 17th at 10PM.

Palumbo will be joined on the show by hot-rod guru Rick Dore. The duo rebuilds legendary cars by visiting “car hoarders,” people who collect classic automobiles.

On each episode, Palumbo and Dore will offer these “car hoarders” a deal: they can pick one dream car from their overcrowded car collection to rebuild – while covering the costs of the remake by parting with and selling other cars and car parts from their “collection”. It appears the concept is to fix up the car of their choice, while helping the owner thin out his abundance of broke down cars.

Chuck Palumbo left the WWE back in 2008 to chase his passion for cars and motorcycles, and Rick Dore has been building custom-made cars for over 20 years. Dore has even been inducted into several automotive halls of fame.

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