“Climb the Ladder Machine, make yourself famous”(what about what I did there?)



Hello Wrestling world


My second type of post will be a ppv review. seeing as how we had one last sunday, conveniently  this one will be about Money in the bank. I chose not to do star ratings for my analysis because as fun as they can be, they are also arbitrary. There are also specific matches that are hard to compare to one another. So I decided to review the event as if each match existed in vacuum. Again, these are nothing more than opinions from a mere wrestling fan. Enjoy:)


1. The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family: WWE Tag Team Championship match: I thought this was the perfect opener. A lot of excitement early on with two teams with contrasting styles that I felt complemented each other. whether they were cheering for the Usos or the Wyatts, it seemed like the majority of the crowd was invested in this one. Hopefully that helps to ensure that the tag titles continue to mean something. I was surprised to see the Usos go over, but I don’t think that it was a bad call.

2. Paige vs. Naomi: WWE Divas Championship match: Overall, I thought this was a solid match. Naomi was the perfect choice between her and Cameron to get the title shot in my opinion due to her athleticism. Overall some really good spots with both women looking strong. I feel like the match could have gone much longer though. This further tells the audience that they are not supposed to care about the Diva’s division which is unfortunate.

3. Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose: At this event last year, Sandow won the world heavyweight championship money in the bank ladder match. That should tell you how I feel about this segment.

4. Money In the Bank Ladder Match: To me, the best match of the night by far. Every single individual worked very hard to put on a show for Boston. There were some great moments throughout the match. Dolph Ziggler got his moment to shine; cleaning house and climbing to the cheers of the hopeful audience, while Jack Swagger had him in the ankle lock. Kofi Kingston got an opportunity to show why he is perhaps the most underrated ladder match wrestler of all time. As you could tell by my last post, I may or may not Seth Rollins fan boy. The big back body drop on to the ladder that he took was one of the sickest bumps seen in a long time. Having him win was also a smart move to continue to add steam to his current heel run. That being said, to me Dean Ambrose stole the show. From superplexes off the ladder, to double underhook suplexes into the ladder, and of course the highlight reel moment coming back from the back courageously to gain some semblance of revenge on Mr. Rollins with a steel chair. Edgy baby face Dean Ambrose is money.

5. Goldust and Stardust vs. Rybaxel: A pretty solid tag team match. Of course there is a lot of talent on the Rhodes side. The Stardust Gimmick is just getting started but I am very impressed with Cody’s ability to have a character that not only complements Goldie but also has enough individual characteristic as to not be a clone of Goldie. I also read recently that Cody Rhodes also used to act. It kinda shows. The biggest issue with this match is it was not advertised. If these types of matches are not viewed as important by wwe brass, then wwe fans will always see them as filler, and that is an uphill battle for even the most talented wrestlers.

6. Rusev vs. Big E.: This match actually was above expectations for me. While the transitional wrestling left a lot to be desired, the big spots in the match were done well by both men and it could have been a lot worse. However like the match previously, the audience clearly saw this as filler. Also, it is not 1985 and xenophobic gimmicks such as Rusev are trite and archaic.

7. Layla vs. Summer Rae, special referee, Fandango: Bad ppv filler. No one really seemed to care, (hence the loud cm punk chant).

8. Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship: wwe chooses to play it safe with Cena. I have nothing against John Cena. He does a lot for wwe and has proven to be fully capable of having a great main event match. However, I think this was the wrong choice. It is the wrong choice because it was safe and boring. To me, it would have been the right choice to put it on someone else to add an aura of unpredictability. I don’t think Reigns or Cesaro were ready. I think Sheamus would have been an awful choice due to the apathy the crowd meets both him and the poorly managed Alberto Del Rio with. A Randy win would just be playing it safe, and Kane wouldnt really fit since he has already been positioned as a glorified body guard. So to me, the best choice was Bray Wyatt. After a year of good matches and some of the most amazing promos in the history of the business I think It would have sparked a lot of interest. Is he ready for the title? I don’t know but why not let him take the ball and creepily walk backwards with it? Cena also in my opinion is a point where he no longer needs the title. That being said there were some cool spots in the match. My personal favorite highlight was Cesaro getting pulled off the top of the ladder only to be caught in a picture perfect RKO.

Overall: decent ppv. Way to much filler for my taste though. That also seems to be an issue week to week with the three hour Raws. If the audience is only supposed to care about the main event, then everything else on the show is going to be met with luke warm responses. That being said, after last night’s raw, I would like to think that wwe has been realizing this slowly and look forward to all of the amazing wwe talents being used  to their full potential… hopefully.