Close-up Photo of Randy Orton’s WWE Championship Side Plates


Posted below is a photo of Randy Orton’s new WWE Championship side plates. They contain the RKO snake logo that is currently on his t-shirts.

Randy Orton s New WWE Championship Side Plates

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  1. Oh, f*** Orton… They guy has repeatedly violated WWE regulations, he’s still a rebel without a cause, and he should be buried to Drew McInloser’s spot. Tired of seeing him. He brings nothing to the WWE but his pompous smirk to the ring. I hope Bryan kicks his ass really good.

  2. can someone please tell WWE to stop personalizing the belts… no name plates.. symbols, colours etc… im old school one belt one colour.. design changes fine.. stop making the belt a marketing tool and have some prestige for it..

  3. OMG not RKO side plates, that’s so awesome………………………. If you didn’t realize I’m being sarcastic


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