CM Punk Comments on Several Top WWE Personalities


CM Punk was asked how he got into the wrestling business during an interview with SportsTalk Live in Chicago. Here is what the former WWE Champion said.

“I guess I got into what I do just like anybody would get into what they do,” Punk said. “I fell in love with it at an early age. I didn’t know you had to go to school to do it… I sort of just goofed around for a little bit and found a training school in Chicago called the Steel Domain, it used to be in Irving park but it’s switched to a couple of locations. I went there and I did that, and then I jumped in a car and I drove around Helen Creation until somebody started to pay me.”

Punk also gave his opinions on some of WWE’s current top personalities.

Daniel Bryan: “Second best wrestler in the world.”
John Cena: “Company man.”
Brock Lesnar: “Challenging.”
Randy Orton: “Money in the bank.”
CM Punk: “I’d probably say a bunch of self deprecating negative stuff, he’s got a double chin, he’s kinda fat, he talks to much, his face is all scarred up.”
Paul Heyman: “Paul Heyman’s a bad egg. I’d like to see Paul Heyman try to run the bases.”

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