CM Punk Done with WWE?


CM Punk, who did not appear at Monday’s Raw, also did not appear at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping, despite being advertised for the event.

According to F4WOnline, Punk apparently told Vince McMahon at Monday’s Raw that he was going home and left the show. Since then, Punk has been removed from almost all of WWE’s upcoming live events, and television tapings from their events section of their website.

At this time it is not known if Punk is injured, or if something else is going on. The last tweet that he posted on Monday stated, “Thanks for all the support. Keep being you guys, it’s pretty cool.”

As noted earlier, Punk’s contract is up in July, and he stated in an interview last week that he doesn’t know if he will re-sign after it expires, and that “everything is up in the air.”

More Updates on CM Punk’s Status with WWE…..

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  1. Please leave, not because you suck, but because WWE needs a slap in face, it’s been a long time coming and it’s about time someone does it, hopefully others will do the same and show them Cena isn’t their only star.

    • no please leave because you’r not as good as you think you are and morons like this guy think you’re great even though you didn’t help ratings IMPROVE one bit the entire time you were there lol while Cena is the only thing keeping this sad company afloat

        • and yet he sells more merchandise and is possibly the single biggest money maker in WWE today. Okay Ziggler deserves better but Roman Reigns has only been here for a year his time will come but Daniel Bryan who is the most overated wrestler I have seen who people pride on saying hes the best mat wrestler in WWE when he only does kick after kick after kick. The guy has less moves than Cena because most his moves are just kicks. Also half the superstars can cut better promos than Bryan could on good day. And Punk who is my second favourite wrestler behind Bray Wyatt and just above Titus Oneil hoorah hoorah good luck

          • So did Hogan back in the day, just because he makes tons of money shouldn’t mean he has to get all the freaking shots, The Rock, Austin, Taker, HHH, Foley, all those made tons on money (more than Cena each) and all had equal opportunities (Obviously Foley had less because of his health) and one was never put over the other, lol try telling a WWE writer today to give Cena the opening match at a house show.

          • watch daniel bryan face someone like rolins ,ambrose,kofi ,punk etc not a giant and u will seedaniel does alot more then kik, guys who kicked are not named thembest techinical wrestler 8 years runningrunning.

            honestly are you people ever happy lol

      • yes he is. they chant his name in every arena there in. his stuff sells out, people go tomevent just to see him,punk is hughly rated everywhere ,you just a whinny cena mark,.hes good buddy its a fact.

  2. maybe hes jumping ship to tna since sting is going to wwe (he could also be going to work pro wrestling blitz with his old promoter billy wach (he was in lwf in il)

    • NO they don’t. He didn’t do S*** for them. WOW I’m consistently amazed at how dumb people are. With the internet and all the knowledge readily available at their finger tips today’s wrestling fan is 10X stupider than those in the 70’s who actually BELIEVED what they were watching was REAL….amazing.

      • lol I love how pissed off you are that people are defending him, yet do you know why you are pissed off?, not because you thinks he sucks, but because you know he is good, even better than your beloved Cena (well El Torito is better than Cena), and him leaving will mean more Cena and more boring story lines and meaningless matches.

      • hahahh Cena ain’t s*** buddy compared to punk in every aspect of wrestling. You can make your funny comments but the truth is punk is a better wrestler and a whole lot better on the mic. The truth is cena’s career is on a huge downfall right now due to daniel bryant. Cena could leave the wwe today and people would be happy, not the same can be said about when punk leaves. It will be a huge blow to the company.

      • Cool story bro! Now what page do you shut the f*** up on??? Your post/opinion is #Irrelevant #OpenandShutCase

      • Does dumb, in your definition, mean does not agree with your opinion?

        I am not a big fan of punk or very many other pro wrestlers these days but that’s because I watched in the 80’s, 90’s and the early 00’s. Everyone thought that the peak of the 80’s would never be topped but it was. Wrestling, especially with one dominate company, has peaks and valleys. Obviously, we have been in a valley for sometime. Put almost any wrestler today in the almost anytime listed above and they would be mid-card at best.

    • another dummy… Cuz who the hell wants to retire in TNA? WWE OWNS his career – which was WCW. TNa Hall of Fame is a joke…. why even ask dumb questions like this?

      • I think we basically saw sting going to wwe as he got older and run on the legends deal which is good for him. its the only vinie mac can get former wcw and ecw wrestlers I think. they show up once in while and collect money.

      • lol wwe owns wcw footage. they are no responsible for stings career in anyway, and sting never stepped foot in wwe but i still a legend ,proof the wwe doesnt make s***

  3. He really should leave. Back in 2011 he tried to make a power play with the whole “shoot” against the company and subsequently winning the title but after getting it WWE made the title mean a lot less and he was still booked under Cena (seriously Cena Vs. Big Show was more important than Punk’s match on whatever PPV that was?). Ever since his title run and his terrible heel run, his career has been swamped in mediocrity and I can tell his heart isn’t in it anymore.

    • The title should always be main event in a PPV, specially Mania, the fact that Cena has more main events than any champion around says how little they care about the rest of the talent.

      • While I hate Cena and think he has the wrestling ability of a potato (if not less) he does sell merch but shame on WWE for not building anyone else up to that level.

  4. For what it’s worth, his profile is still up on It could be work to justify another “pipe bomb” so he can speak his mind and not get into trouble. Or it’s legit. I don’t know. We shall see.


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