CM Punk on Why He Prefers Portraying a Heel Character Over a Babyface

CM Punk recently discussed why he prefers portraying a heel character over being a babyface.

“It just comes more natural to me,” Punk to IGN. “I don’t gotta smile, I don’t gotta kiss babies. It’s easier to tell people at airports at four in the morning that I’m not signing their stuff. But the challenge of getting people to like you and not be cheesy and campy and kinda hokey, that I’m really trying to tackle this time around. It is definitely a challenge. But I think there are few people that have started to transcend those lines, like John Cena. People cheer or boo him. Me, people cheer or boo me. Whatever you want, come to the WWE shows and you kinda get to do that.”

Punk also commented on if his pipe bomb segment helped Daniel Bryan get to where he’s at.

“You know what, that’s not for me to say. I know how I feel about a lot of things. Certain things that I say would maybe sound like a bit of bitterness or professional jealousy or something like that, but that’s not even the case. That’s why I don’t really vocalize it. That dude is here because he paid his dues and he’s good. That’s the same reason I’m here. We’re both a testament to “You love something, you do it, you work hard at it, and you become the best at it.” Do I think I maybe helped change the perception of stuff? Yeah, absolutely. Would he still be in the same spot if I didn’t do that? Yeah, I think so.”

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