‘Something Else to Wrestle’ Covering CM Punk in Next Week’s WWE Network Season Finale


It has been three months since Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson brought their immensely popular pro wrestling podcast to the WWE Network in the form of Something Else to Wrestle, dropping new episodes on-demand every single Wednesday for the last 12 weeks.

The show has covered some seriously controversial topics with no-holds-barred discussion, including the likes of former WWF and WCW creative writer Vince Russo, as well as some truly unexpected and interesting subject matter like AJ Styles’ tenure in TNA Wrestling or WWE’s failed resurrection of the ECW brand. Most recently, the 4th of July edition of the video podcast discussed the rise of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

According to WWE Network News, next week will be the season one finale of Something Else to Wrestle on the WWE Network, and the dynamic duo have chosen a topic that could easily produce their most controversial episode yet! The July 11th show will reportedly dig deep into the early career of former world champion CM Punk.

It’s being noted that the podcast will specifically focus on Punk’s journey from the rebooted ECW brand to winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, to his very first reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion as a member of the Monday Night Raw roster. That being said, you can never quite tell where Bruce and Conrad will go, and things could very easily (and very likely) go down a controversial path, especially considering the subject at hand.