CM Punk Working with Injuries, Backstage Talk on His WWE Future

– CM Punk has been injured for several weeks now, which is why he’s barely been wrestling a full match at recent WWE live events. Word is that Punk’s knee and ankle are injured but he’s dealing with other nagging injuries. The attack from Ryback at Night of Champions will allow Punk one or two weeks off TV.

A lot of people within WWE are talking about how Punk’s deal expires next summer and what that means for his future. It’s probably too early to tell what’s in store for him but it is something being talked about among the other wrestlers.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Keep it up Punk, it’s ”Good for Business”

  • Logan

    Maybe if they actually let him go home longer then what he did this year he could recover. Cena shouldn’t be back in any capacity till RR.

  • allan

    Punk needs to go not just for his body but so he doesn’t grow to hate his job, he’s done it all and personally I think everyone should have a stone cold like career I mean john cDNA can stuff himself in every wwe title match for the next 20 years it doesn’t make him in Austins league at all. I love punk but every wrestler needs to shine and punks basically just a fail safe now he has nothing left to prove.