CMLL Releases Rush & Dragon Lee


CMLL announced late Friday night that both Dragon Lee and Rush have been released from the promotion, effective immediately. The official statement is that the two stars were fired for not following “company guidelines”, but the specific reason is still unclear.

There were reports earlier this week, including from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that CMLL officials were upset after they informed Dragon Lee he could not work this year’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament, which took place last weekend, and he did so anyways. No word on Rush.

This comes as a big surprise as both are major names in Mexico and both are growing rapidly in the U.S. Rush is a close friend of WWE star Andrade and the two co-founded the Los Ingobernables faction, and he actually just won the ROH World Championship from Matt Taven mere hours before the news broke about his release from CMLL.

Lee is a former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion and, more importantly, is still the current CMLL World Welterweight Champion, so they will likely be stripping him of the belt soon.

This is potentially politically interesting. Rush being the ROH World Champion is especially intriguing given that ROH and CMLL have a long-standing relationship and just ran a tour together. CMLL and ROH both have a good relationship with New Japan as well, and Lee has been an important asset to both and may even be next in line for a TV title match.