CNBC Knocks Wrestling Fans and WWE Stocks, Big Show-RAW Update


– We noted before that Big Show would be missing the February 24th post-Elimination Chamber RAW because he would be appearing at Carl Casper’s Custom Auto Show in Kentucky that same night. WWE has corrected their listing for Big Show’s appearance and that will be taking place on Friday, February 21st, not the 24th. Big Show is still scheduled for RAW that night.

– CNBC has an article up predicting that WWE stock will belly flop, despite the rise over the past year and the launch of the WWE Network. They wrote about pro wrestling:

“Good news for “professional” wrestling fans: No, it’s not actually real. However, now you can enjoy wrestling 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your parents’ basement.”

Portfolio manager John Stephenson said the following about WWE stocks:

“I think they’re already on the top rope after that 111% increase last year. There’s nowhere to go but down. The core business is just deteriorating. You don’t have enough young men looking at wrestling with its scripted program. You’re looking at a model that’s in decline and valuation is stupidly high.”

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  1. CNBC! What! No republicans to pick on this week?
    CNBC! The news on the networks is stupid. It is also scripted to not tell the truth.

  2. so glad we have subjective reporters out there who can keep there personal beliefs and opinions to them selves….. OH WAIT


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