Cody Believes Sammy Guevara Will Return To Wrestling As A “Better Man”


Sammy Guevara is currently being kept off AEW Dynamite as he undergoes sensitivity training, and Cody gave his thoughts on how he will return.

AEW took decisive action against Sammy Guevara last week when comments he had previously made on a podcast in 2016 resurfaced. The Inner Circle member made derogatory comments about Sasha Banks, and AEW was quick to pull him from its programming.

Guevara has publicly apologized to Sasha and anybody else who was offended by his comments, both via Twitter and through his YouTube channel. He is currently taking a break from social media as he aims to improve as a person.

His future with AEW does remain unclear at the moment, as it is unknown if/when he will officially return to the company. However, Cody took to Twitter to respond to a fan, stating that he believes Sammy will be back, and when that happens, he will return as a better professional wrestler, and a better man.