Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks Warn Fans of “Fake” AEW Social Media Accounts


Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks recently Tweeted a warning to pro wrestling fans about fake All Elite Wrestling accounts. AEW is of course the brand new company founded by the trio and its currently taking the pro wrestling world by storm.

2019 has indeed kicked off in high fashion for fans with the AEW announcement. This new company is already taking on a life of its own, as AEW is currently signing talents to fill its roster. One of those talents is independent wrestling star Britt Baker, who signed with the company on January 2.

All Elite Wrestling is a dream come true for many, who have been waiting to see Cody and crew tackle a new project. The three men conquered both Ring of Honor and New Japan, but it was clear after ALL IN that there was perhaps something more on the horizon.

Now that AEW is real and is kicking into full gear, those same fans are surely anxious to see where the company goes from here. 2019 should be a very exciting year in the pro wrestling business and AEW will indeed be at the forefront as it seeks to establish a foothold in the industry.