Cody Rhodes: Changing the game

Cody Rhodes ROH debut ( (2016)

Cody Rhodes ROH debut ( (2016)

“It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”. – William Shakespeare

This quote was shown at WWE’S biggest pay-per-view, promoting WWE’S biggest match: The Rock v John Cena – Wrestlemania 28 (2012). Little did WWE know, that four years later, the man who walked into Wrestlemania 28 as the Intercontinental Champion, would heed the advice shown on the screen.  In May of this year, Cody was granted his release from the WWE, as he chose to no longer allow the Star(dust) to hold his destiny and put his destiny back into his own hands, in the hands of Cody Rhodes.

It’s not a new thing for a very talented wrestler to leave WWE, and find success elsewhere. Drew Galloway, EC3, and Shelton Benjamin are all perfect examples of that. In the case, of Cody Rhodes, he has laid a blueprint for current and future wrestlers to follow. When Cody left WWE, he was not released by WWE like ninety percent of talents are; he left on his own terms and told the WWE they could no longer have him.

Despite having an uneventful end to his WWE career, Cody did have a very successful run in WWE, winning the Intercontinental championship on a few different occasions, headlining pay-per-views with the likes of Randy Orton, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. Cody left WWE, not only as an underutilized talent but as a legitimate star with many great moments and props, fans still remember (The face mask, anyone?)

Cody left WWE and immediately stated he no longer wanted to be tied down to one organization and had a list (the cool thing in wrestling nowadays) of opponents he wanted to face. Companies from all over the globe have been happy to capitalize on the buzz generated by Cody leaving WWE and to create a little bit of extra buzz for their shows, some companies have matched up Cody with an opponent from his list. Cody has been having dream matches with the likes of Kurt Angle, Zack Sabre Jr, and Jay Lethal, in different organizations all over the world and with each match his superstar status continues to grow.

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Even during Cody’s supposed dark days in the WWE, he wrestled in one of the most promoted matches of SummerSlam 2015 when he tagged with Wade Barret to face the team of Neville and Hollywood star Stephen Amell. A fun celebrity rivalry, which helped Cody gain mainstream exposure and led to him guest starring in Amell’s hit TV show, Arrow. The timing of Cody’s appearance on Arrow just seemed perfect as it was after his departure from the WWE and his appearance on Arrow has allowed him to become an even bigger and more desired superstar.

Cody’s post-WWE career has been a huge success, incredibly buzz-worthy and he continues to take the right steps in his career to make everything bigger and better. In one year, Cody has appeared on WWE, TNA, ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling television, he is quite possibly the only man to have done that and now we await his debut for New Japan, as he joins the popular group ‘Bullet Club’. Cody’s post-WWE career has no doubt been full of intrigue and full of excitement and one thing is for sure, Cody Rhodes is changing the game of professional wrestling.