Cody Rhodes Comments On The Return Of War Games

War Games

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As previously noted, WWE will be bringing back War Games for their upcoming NXT Takeover special, which will be called NXT Takeover: War Games.

After hearing the news, Cody Rhodes commented on WWE’s decision to debut the War Games concept in their company via NXT, and he explained why he doesn’t mind his former employer using the match his father created.

The last War Games match took place on September 13, 1998 at WCW’s Fall Brawl show, where Team WCW (Diamond Dallas Page, Roddy Piper, and The Ultimate Warrior) defeated Team NWO (Hulk Hogan, Stevie Ray, and Bret Hart) and Team NWO Wolfpac (Kevin Nash, Sting, and Lex Luger).