Cody Rhodes Gives WWE Star Advice, Zach Gowen Praises Vince, Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Gets Pins


Cody Rhodes has taken the wrestling world by storm since walking away from WWE and he had some advice for another struggling WWE Superstar.

Tyler Breeze tweeted asking that an opportunity has to come at some point, right? Yet Cody responded shutting that idea down by saying no, giving Breeze the advice that he needs to go out and seize it.

Zach Gowen Praises Vince

Former one-legged WWE Superstar, Zach Gowen had some major praise for Vince McMahon on social media, claiming he put him in the ring with Hogan, bought him 2 prosthetic legs and paid for life-saving rehab which has allowed him to tuck his children into bed at night.

Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Gets Pins

The new Major Wrestling Figure Podcast hosted by WWE Superstars, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins has now revealed that it will be selling pins online for fans to purchase, as you can see below: