Cody Rhodes Named Sports Illustrated’s 2018 Top Male Wrestler


Sports Illustrated has named Cody Rhodes the 2018 Male Wrestler of the Year. The former WWE Superstar has become a pro wrestling philanthropist and his star has never been bigger than it is right now.

Rhodes had a massive year in 2018. He held the Ring of Honor World Championship, the NWA World Championship and the IWGP United States Championship. He reigned with The Bullet Club in New Japan and became an integral part of The Elite.

But it was the ALL IN event on September 1 that perhaps truly cemented Rhodes as a top player in the industry. The event, organized by Rhodes and The Young Bucks, sold over 10,000 tickets in under 30 minutes and gave wrestling fans a night to remember.

The success of ALL IN ultimately led to Cody’s new venture, All Elite Wrestling. The brand new company was announced on January 1 and its caught fire online since then. The promotion is currently signing talent and is believed to get a TV deal sometime in 2019.

Rhodes and The Bucks will serve as Executive Vice Presidents of AEW and Cody’s wife Brandi has been named as the company’s Chief Brand Officer.