Cody Rhodes On Bullet Club Success, Hanging With The Tongans, Is Flip Gordon Booked For ‘ALL IN’?


Cody Rhodes conducted a fan Q&A this morning, answering a range of questions about Bullet Club and the upcoming ALL IN show, as well as other topics such as who his favorite Star Wars character is.

Bullet Club Success

Before his Q&A began, Rhodes, dealt with a fan who claimed he has been the slow death of Bullet Club. Rhodes fired back by listing off all the accomplishments that the group has achieved since he joined, telling the fan to get the F**k out of here.

Hanging With The Tongans Of Bullet Club

Rhodes was asked whether or not he hangs out with the Tongans of Bullet Club, who all work for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Rhodes admitted he doesn’t hang out with them enough, but stated that Bad Luck Fale is responsible for the upcoming Australia tour.

Cody Rhodes also gave them credit, stating they run Japan, whilst the Being The Elite cast run America, stating once again that Bullet Club is fine.

Is Flip Gordon Booked For ALL IN?

Cody was also asked whether or not Flip Gordon has been booked for the highly anticipated ALL IN event. Rhodes and Gordon have had tension between them on the Being The Elite YouTube series and he simply answered, no.