Cody Rhodes on His Best Match Of 2017, Wrestle Kingdom 12 & His Star Wars Rankings


Cody Rhodes has been answering questions on social media, revealing his favorite matches of 2017, why people should watch Wrestle Kingdom 12 and his Star Wars movie rankings.

Cody Rhodes on his Best Match of 2017

After stating his match at Limitless was just ‘pretty good,’ Rhodes was asked what his best matches of the year were, and he revealed several options.

Wrestle Kingdom 12

Cody was also asked why fans should tune in to watch Wrestle Kingdom 12, with him believing that the top four matches will have competitors that will never be on the same card again.

His Star Wars Movie Rankings

As an avid Star Wars fan, Rhodes has been very vocal online about his thoughts on the latest movie, The Last Jedi. After seeing the film for the third time, he announced his official ranking of all the films on Twitter.

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