Cody Rhodes’ Opponent Revealed For ROH 16th Anniversary PPV


As seen below, Ring of Honor has announced Cody Rhodes will be facing Matt Taven in a Grudge match at the ROH 16th Anniversary PPV.

Below is an excerpt from the announcement:

When “The American Nightmare” Cody won the ROH World Championship at Best in the World, he became part of just the second-ever father/son duo to hold internationally recognized World Championships. His father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, used to speak glowingly of championship rings, their importance in sport recognizing the very best. Cody commemorated his World Championship win by commissioning The Ring of Honor, a ring to recognize an achievement of a lifetime, which many also interpreted as a tribute to his late father.

Knowing all that, that made the imagery of Matt Taven and his Kingdom standing tall over Cody, forcing his lips on the Ring of Honor following a low blow even more jarring.

But the low blows were not isolated incidents and these two will meet one-on-one on Pay Per View in a grudge match whose genesis seemingly was the minute Cody lost the ROH World Championship!



It was in Philadelphia where the former World Champion Cody promised to address the crowd for the first time since losing the ROH World Championship. But before the former Champion could begin to speak, he was confronted by Matt Taven. Taven, fresh off of victories over Jay Lethal, Will Ospreay, and more, stated his case that he should be in the World Title picture, the one championship that has eluded him in his quest to become the first ROH Grand Slam Champion.

The confrontation ended with Taven low-blowing Cody, sending a message that he was a player in the World Title picture!