Cody Rhodes Questioned AEW Signing Lance Archer Prior To Double Or Nothing; “I Have No Questions Anymore”


The “American Nightmare” has no more apprehensions about All Elite Wrestling and Tony Khan’s decision to sign Lance Archer. The former New Japan star has been targeting him and his family over the past month, and he’s done it all with one of wrestling’s all-time great villains by his side.

Despite this, Cody has seemingly gained at least a cursory amount of professional respect for the super-heavyweight, following an absolutely physical war of attrition between the two this Saturday night at AEW Double or Nothing.

Speaking to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT during a post-show media call immediately after Double or Nothing, Cody had the following to say about his match with Archer:

“Lance is probably one of the top three people I’ve ever been in the ring with. We’re not best friends by any means. The recruitment of Lance Archer to AEW was Tony Khan and QT Marshall, they’re the ones who were on that search. I questioned that search, and I have no questions anymore. I cannot wait to step back into the ring with him. A freak, hybrid, drug-free athlete. The things he can do – that’s what you want. That’s what a wrestling company should be paying the big bucks for.”

Cody won the TNT Championship on Saturday night after delivering multiple instances of his Cross Rhodes finisher, but he spent most of the match being manhandled by the so-called “Murderhawk Monster”.

While Rhodes’ own manager Arn Anderson was ejected from ringside by boxing icon Mike Tyson, the baddest man on the planet also neutralized the legend in Archer’s corner – Jake “The Snake” Roberts – making the title bout somewhat of a fair fight in the end.

Cody won’t have too long to rest, despite the beating he took at Double or Nothing. A battle royal has already been announced for this Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite, with the winner getting first dibs at the company’s brand new belt.