Cody Rhodes Strongly Hints at ‘ALL IN 2’, MYC Star Banned From Entering the U.S., Most Watched WWE Network Shows


As noted, the final episode of “ALL US” was released earlier this week, and during the video, which you can watch above, Cody Rhodes strongly hints at an “ALL IN 2” event, as he says the first event felt more like a revolution, and revolutions do not last for one night.

MYC Star Banned From Entering the U.S.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Nicole Matthews, who appears in this year’s WWE Mae Young Classic and won her match on this week’s show, had issues traveling into the U.S. for the tapings. As a result, Matthews has been banned from entering the United States for 5 years.

Most Watched WWE Network Shows

Below are the ten most watched WWE Network shows of the week, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

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1. NXT on 9/19 (this was the Ricochet vs. Pete Dunne episode and it’s very rare when NXT is No. 1)
2. Mae Young Classic week three on 9/19
3. Hell in a Cell
4. 205 Live on 9/19
5. NXT Chicago pre-show (this is the show that automatically clicks in after many shows you watch so it shows the flaw in the way they rate shows, because I’m guessing most people who get that click off within a minute or two)
6. Mick Foley 20 Years of Hell
7. Mixed Match Challenge week one
8. Mae Young Classic from 9/12
9. Hell in a Cell pre-game show
10. WWE Story Time episode 5