Colin Cowherd Mistakenly Blames CM Punk Over Warrior

Earlier this week on his ESPN show, Colin Cowherd reportedly blasted CM Punk for a comment he made on Twitter regarding the Ultimate Warrior. Cowherd was responding to a comment made on the @TeamCMPunk Twitter account, which is a fan parody account and not CM Punk’s actual account. The @TeamCMPunk account said Ultimate Warrior’s death was not the result of drug abuse. Cowherd responded to that comment and went on to say Warrior’s death was not surprising because of the lifestyle of a pro wrestler.

CM Punk’s actual Twitter account, @CMPunk, has been inactive since Punk left the WWE last January.

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  • DW

    Just shows the lack of effort that went into the smear campaign against Pro Wrestling this week. It’s a disgrace that these people are allowed time on T.V to spout their poison when this week should have been all about celebrating Warrior’s life.

  • Nandan Leon

    i agree