Colt Cabana Files Second Lawsuit Against CM Punk, Amid Dismissal Of Original Suit


According to PWInsider, Colt Cabana’s lawsuit against CM Punk was thrown out by a judge last month. In the wake of the dismissal, Cabana has filed a second lawsuit against Punk. Cabana (real name Scott Colton) originally sued Punk (real name Phillip Brooks) saying that “Brooks acted with fraud, malice and oppression toward Colton, with the deliberate intention of causing Colton harm.” Colton alleged that Brooks said he would “take care of” Colton’s legal fees and did not follow through, but a Cook County Judge has ruled that nothing Colton showed counted as a “contract enforceable by law.”

In dismissing the suit, the judge allowed Colton to file a second suit. In the second suit, Colton says that Brooks made comments on The Art Of Wrestling podcast, with full knowledge that WWE would come after him and Colton. Colton says that he only assisted Brooks in the legal battle with WWE Ringside Physician Christopher Amann in exchange for Punk covering the legal fees.

Colton was represented by Loeb & Loeb, who were also Brooks’s representation, until March of 2017. Punk reportedly covered Colton’s legal fees with Loeb & Loeb through April of 2016. After March of 2017, Colton sought his own legal counsel. Colton claims in the lawsuit that Brooks was responsible for Loeb & Loeb no longer representing Colton after March of 2017.

Brooks has until 12/28 to respond to Colton’s second lawsuit.

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