Colt Cabana On Why He Wanted to Take the Chris Amann Case to Court, CM Punk’s Foray Into MMA and More


ROH star Colt Cabana, who recently won his trial against WWE doctor Chris Amann, recently spoke with Bill Apter of, and you can watch the entire interview above. Below are some interview highlights.

On his case against WWE doctor Chris Amann, Cabana explained the following:

“It was the worst, it was the absolute worst. For three and a half years you gotta pay these lawyer bills, it’s new thing after new thing after new thing, and usually, they say everything settles out of court, but I was like ‘let’s take it to court.’ A jury of my peers, there’s no way they could ever see that I’ve done anything wrong, and that’s how they saw it, so it was a big win.”

On CM Punk possibly returning to wrestling, Cabana was disinterested, noting, “I don’t care. He’ll do whatever he wants. And I’ll do whatever I want.”

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Cabana also commented on Punk’s foray into MMA by saying “he was always talking about it, always watching it. So as he was hating wrestling, he was enjoying MMA more, and so that makes sense to me.”

Cabana also discussed his current work with ROH, performing comedy at the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Festival and more.

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