Colt Cabana Talks About Why Things Didn’t Work Out with WWE

– Colt Cabana recently spoke with The Baltimore Sun and talked about why things didn’t work out with WWE:

“Well, it didn’t work out because management said creative didn’t have anything for me. Then I went out and did a web series mocking the answer that they gave me. It was maybe with the big corporate structure that I got lost underneath the pile of people (laughs), that doesn’t sound good, piles of people. But I spent two years under contract with WWE. After about a year and three months I was brought up to the main roster [in 2009]. When I was brought up, I wasn’t brought up in a predominant role at all. I was kind of brought up as a guy really to lose matches. Which was weird because they don’t have contracted enhancement wrestlers, for the most part every contracted wrestler they have is “a superstar.” Of course, that’s an interesting fact when some of the guys like myself and Gavin Spears and Ryan Braddock are just kind of brought up to lose. But that was a different time back then and now I think they’ve seen the errors of their ways from that generation. A lot of us took a bullet but I’m glad that because of the way they handled developmental at that time that they have a good grasp on it now. You can see the great things their doing with some of the guys and the way they bring people up with the NXT talent. So maybe we were part of an experimental process in developmental. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be one of the guys on NXT or whatnot, but luckily enough for me, because of my past, people are able to succeed in that system.”

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  • Joe Musolf

    Things didn’t work out because he’s fat and boring and he’s not as funny as he thinks he is and that translates to TV. WWE is a business and you can’t make money on a guy like this.

    • ALLAN

      LOL WHAT? first off hes not fat at all hes just a big guy but hes in good shape. second of all alot of wrestlers would disagree , colts a star outside of wwe and could have been there too hes very charismatic and good for kids. he also a great wrestler. hes not boring at all dude hes an amazing european style chain wrestler too and he wowd the people the 2 matches he had on smackdown. he was just never givin a chance.