Colt Cabana Discusses “The Trial”, Throwback to Shane McMahon Introducing ECW’s New Owner (Videos)


If you’ve been living under a rock, CM Punk and his long time friend Scott Colton, better known as indie wrestling star Colt Cabana won their trial against WWE and their doctor Chris Amann.

Cabana, on top of being a professional wrestler, has a podcast known as the Art of Wrestling in which he usually interviews other wrestlers and chronicles parts of his life. This time, he was able to chronicle day by day his thoughts on the trial that took place in Chicago, Illinois, which finished just a few days before CM Punk’s second fight taking place in Chicago.

Notable from the podcast, which you can watch above, Cabana recalled feeling sick and even displaying flu-like symptoms from the mere stress that he was feeling throughout the trail, as well as how surreal it all was, and the relief he felt upon his eventual win in the case.

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Shane McMahon Introduces The New Owner of ECW

Back in 2001, the wrestling world was in a place that it had never been before. WWE’s competition, WCW, was all but vanquished and the new storyline that came to be known as “The Invasion Angle” was the focus. Shane McMahon “purchased” WCW out from under the nose of Vince McMahon, only to bring it’s troops to WWE TV, and shortly thereafter, ECW, along with Paul Heyman, joined the fray. Only this time, they had a new owner as well, the Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon herself. Check out the video below.