Complete 1/15 Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results *SPOILERS*


This Monday night the stars of Impact Wrestling returned to Universal Studios in Orlando for the final night of their six night television taping marathon. In case you need to get caught up, here are complete results for the last five days of tapings:

As always, Impact may be taping certain matches and segments out of order so it’s hard to say exactly when the content below will air on television, but the following results should be the final 2-3 weeks of television leading into the Impact Redemption pay-per-view on April 22nd.

GWN Exclusive Match
Alisha Edwards def. Laurel Van Ness

(1) Eli Drake def. Moose with both their briefcases on the line. Crazy match where OVE came out to attack Moose but Eddie Edwards made the save to get his revenge on Sami Callihan. Drake now has a briefcase for both the Global Championship and the tag team titles.

– X-Division Champion Matt Sydal came out with Josh Matthews, and the two trashed Petey Williams for ruining everything for them the last few weeks. Apparently Josh is about to fight Petey…

(2) Petey Williams def. Josh Matthews via DQ after Sydal attacked.

(3) Tyrus, Fallah Bahh & Richard Justice def. KM & The Cult of Lee

(4) Rosemary def. Taya Valkyrie. This was some kind of hardcore match and it got crazy, as Rosemary did a piledriver off the top rope, through a table to end it.

– Eli Drake came out and announced that since Austin Aries already had a match at Impact Redemption, he may as well spend his time going after the tag team titles. Enter: LAX. They want to know who Eli is going to team with, and the call is answered by… Scott Steiner.

(5) Moose def. Sami Callihan via DQ. Another crazy finish as Sami used the baseball to get the match thrown out. Eddie Edwards ran out to make the save again but this time the numbers game was too much. OVE threatened to attack Eddie’s wife Alisha, but the lights went out and Tommy Dreamer appeared in the ring with a kendo stick to chase them off. It will be Moose, Eddie and Dreamer against all three members of OVE in a House of Hardcore match.

(6) Su Yung & Braxton Sutter def. Kiera Hogan & Fallah Bahh

– Knockouts Champion Allie came out and brawled with Su Yung, and the two had to be separated by officials. Looks like we found our title match at Redemption.

(7) Kongo Kong vs. Johnny Impact ends in a no contest

– KM came out and announced that he was going to create the “KM Open Challenge” because he’s a one-of-a-kind wrestler who will face the best of the best. Brian Cage came out and KM tried to back out, but a ref hit the ring and rang the bell.

(8) Brian Cage def. KM

(9) Matt Sydal, Alberto el Patron, Sami Callihan & Jake Crist def. Tommy Dreamer, Moose, Petey Williams & Austin Aries in an 8-man tag team match. Sydal got the pin on Petey after interference from Josh Matthews.

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