Complete Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results From 1/14, PPV Title Match Added and More *Spoilers*


Below are complete spoiler results from tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, FL, courtesy of reader MrEddyG.

You can check out complete results from each night of this week’s tapings in the links below.

Results From 1/13

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Taya Valkyrie vs Alisha Edwards.
Taya wins with her finisher.


1.Fallah Bahh vs Sami Callahan with OVE. Sami won clean after Fallah was going for the Banzai Drop; Sami caught him with a kick to the back of the legs, & lifted him off the second rope with a modified Death Valley Driver. Impressive move by Callahan.OVE & Samy attack after the match & Callahan was about to use his baseball bat, but Eddie Edwards makes the surprising save & has a bat of his own.

2. 4 way X Division match: “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams vs Suicide, vs  Rohit Raju, vs Taiji Ishimori. Petey wins with The Canadian Destroyer. Petey tells Matt Sydal he’s bring his briefcase & winning his X Division Title.

3. Amber Nova is out next. Braxton Sutter is on the ramp with a mic & introduces Su Yung.
Yung wins with an airplane spin & drops Amber forward  back first into the mat.

4. “The Machine” Brian Cage vs Lashley. Cage at one point did a beautiful suicide plancha onto Lashley-both of these men are so agile for their size. Cage gets a bit on an upset win. I’m surprised they didn’t save this match for Redemption, unless they’re planing a rematch.

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