Conflicting Reports on RVD’s WWE Status, News on Dolph Ziggler’s Future


– There are conflicting reports on the status of Rob Van Dam. PWInsider recently reported that RVD had 90-day blocks in his WWE contract where he would work for 90 days, take some time off and then return for another 90 days.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that RVD was buried on the September 23rd RAW because that was the internal reaction to him not signing a new contract yet. The Observer adds that RVD’s contract is up on October 1st but he’s scheduled to work another week or so past that.

– Regarding the plight of Dolph Ziggler, word is that officials don’t believe he will ever be a guy who draws money.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Ouch poor ziggler he could draw and this seems like politics just like rvd. Didn’t they learn when they buried rvd b4..that is not how you treat someone you want to resign

    • They’re “burying” him this time for the same reason they buried him last time: Don’t build up a guy who has no intention of staying.

      If they would’ve buried Bret Hart back when was going to sign with WCW, we could’ve avoided the whole MSJ. It’s common sense…which turns out not to be all that common.

  2. I always felt WWE was never serious about pushing RVD this time out and only re-signed him to mess with TNA.

      • WWE got the drop on TNA several times these past two years, signing away guys that TNA was about to push. Anyone remember when Angle was teasing a Main Event Mafia comeback? What happens? Booker T’s contract runs out so he signs with WWE, Kevin Nash commits blackmail to get out of his contract and sign with WWE, and Steiner couldn’t get along in any form with Hogan so he was gone. RVD was the latest one that WWE yanked through Dixie’s fingers.

    • Would you train an employee to be in a position knowing that they won’t be in the company very long?

      They’re not going to build RVD up just to have him leave and nothing come of it. It makes more sense to build up a guy who’s going to be there for awhile.

        • Again, neither Rock nor Brock are full time, why would they build them up?

          The only reason Brock won against Punk is to further the storyline with Heyman,

          The only reason Rock beat Punk is because they wanted Rock to go to Wrestlemania as Champion in hopes that it would increase buy rates.

          If RVD DID sign again, they may make him Champion, but why would they make him champion if he intends on leaving soon?

  3. here’s an advice Dolph, break every rule the WWE has, threaten and hit a fan or two every once in a while, make everyone dislike you, and voila instant superstar, or i think but Randy has been doing that for 10 years and it has worked great for him.

  4. He just got there! Now someone tell me he doesn’t have talent and that he’s too old to work so I can get mad. He’s a great worker but WWE doesn’t want talent he wants people that look good walking around half naked.

  5. Whoever they is doesn’t wanna push Dolph because, like JR, he isn’t a corporate suck-up. They like their employees to get their knees real dirty. Dolph isn’t one to wear knee pads. Therefore, he won’t get the push that people that do get.

  6. Sheesh, RVD came back cause he wanted to be where he knows people will care about him as in regards to the situation, he signed mainly on the condition he works part time only, sort of a Chris Jericho type of contract. People who thinks RVD only came back for the money they are wrong, RVD has publically said he knows the WWE will be here to stay, HHH was the one to officially sign RVD, why would he be pushed out?

    As for Dolph Ziggler, unless they go back to the attitude era, his character will never amount to anything but a glorified jobber, he has no charisma, at least when he was with Spirit squad he didnt have to use many brains to do his schtick, cause he had 4 other guys to help him. He is the only guy that Vince retained from Spirit Squad. At least when they stuck him with Vicki he and Vicki had some chemistry, and wwe gave him a chance and he fell flat.


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