Conflicting Reports On Ryback’s Current WWE Status – Details

As reported on Monday, Ryback and then deleted a Tweet saying that he was dealing with “stuff that needed to be fixed” and would be “going away for awhile.” This was seemingly confirmed on WWE Main Event last night, when Michael Cole said Ryback is injured and will be out of action for a few weeks.

However, another source says that Ryback’s actual status is unclear, with multiple WWE sources contending that Ryback isn’t actually hurt and not scheduled for time off. Obviously this conflicts with what Cole said (which was commented on by Adam Rose and Curtis Axel on the show), so he may be off even if he’s not legitimately injured.

As you may have noticed in the initial tweet before it was deleted, there was an action figure of him on a set of steps over a fallen CM Punk figure, with the tweet including the message “sorry, Punk.” This seems to have been a bit of a shot at Punk in relation to Ryback botching a spot back in 2012 where he was supposed to put the Straight-Edge Superstar through a table, resulting in Punk hitting the floor and getting hurt.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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