Conrad Thompson On Discussing ‘Ridiculous’ CM Punk vs Chris Amann Trial, WWE ‘Killing Off’ Muhammad Hassan


“Something to Wrestle With” co-host Conrad Thompson recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard on the next episode of he and Bruce Prichard’s show, which will cover CM Punk and the controversial Muhammad Hassan character in WWE. Below are some interview highlights.

On Muhammad Hassan being essentially ‘killed off’ in WWE:

“He was banned,” said Thompson. “So they had The Undertaker powerbomb him through the stage and got an overhead shot of a pool of blood, implying that the character was killed off. That never happens.”

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On discussing the CM Punk vs Chris Amann lawsuit on the show:

“Surprise, surprise, WWE did not run a promo for our show this week on CM Punk,” said Thompson. “We are going to get the wrap on CM Punk before he came into the company, what they had heard about him and his tremendous independent success, as well as who was for him and who was against him. At times, the people who were for him actually wound up hurting him, which we’re going to examine, because sometimes it’s not a good thing in WWE when someone continues to campaign for you.”

“We’ll also touch on the character behind someone who would fire a guy on his wedding day, and whether that is in Vince McMahon’s character, as well as suing over a podcast, which I thought was kind of ridiculous and so did the courts. We’ll also discuss the possibility of his return after a less-than-awesome outing in the UFC. We’ll cover everything you’d hope we would on the WWE Network.”

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