Corey Graves Comments On Seth Rollins Being A Locker Room Leader


WWE commentator, Corey Graves recently spoke with The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling where he gave his thoughts on Seth Rollins as a locker room leader.

On Seth Rollins being a locker room leader:

“We’ve all had it and I’m pretty sure they still do it when you are hired to NXT. We all go through a class with social media and media training and all of that. At the end of the day from Seth Rollins to everybody on the roster and myself included, producers we are all human beings at the end of the day. So when you get done with a show and you feel good about something you did and you log onto your Twitter to read if people liked this thing and it is just hours and hours of ‘this sucks,’ ‘the company sucks,’ ‘you should all be fired,’ you are a human being at the end of the day. As much as we probably have a thicker skin than a lot of everyday human beings and if you work in a bank and every day you get hundreds of awful tweets of people saying you screwed up their transactions and they want you to be fired it will probably rock you a little bit more than we do.”

“But Seth doing it, it was morale. He is a locker room leader. The same as in generations past, somebody always wants to wave the flag of the boys and the talent. It is even bigger than that and you don’t realize it because they are not on TV the incredible crew that we have that travels just as much as we do and just as frequently as we do. They are at the building before the talent arrives and they are their breaking it down afterwards. They care as much as we do they just happen to not be on screen and that was simply in my opinion Seth’s way of going, ‘Hey! Screw you. I get you guys are upset.’ He was just standing up for everyone and I respect the s— out of Seth for that and I think everyone does. I think we need more people like that.”

On WWE hiring Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman:

“I think everyone is pretty excited. Obviously there are some pretty well publicized changes within the company and honestly I don’t know much more than anyone that reads the internet knows. I kind of get the news around the same time that everybody else does (there’s a shocker for you) everyone thinks I am in on it. People get mad about storylines and send me mean tweets and I’m like, well I didn’t write it and only saw it when you did but there is definitely a little bit of an internal buzz and obviously they are external sources that is everyone is talking about.”

Not knowing everything that is going to happen on television:

“A lot of that is as much my preference as it is not really an ordinance. It is not something they told me I can’t know things, I feel like it is more enjoyable for me and my ability to convey the emotion is better when I can be surprised or be unsure or not know what a finish is. Some people like to know every punch that is going to be thrown or every aspect of every match and I don’t like that and it’s just my personal preference and I’ve somehow managed after all the years to be a fan to a certain extent and I feel like that has lended itself to me being successful as a commentator.”

H/T to Chad & JP Of The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling For This Transcription.