Corey Graves Now Says He Would Fight CM Punk


As we noted last night, WWE announcer Corey Graves spoke out on Twitter following CM Punk’s UFC 225 loss, and criticized Punk for turning his back on pro wrestling and the friends he had in WWE after he left the company.

Graves has continued his comments aimed at Punk, and has responded to a fan on Twitter who thinks Punk would ‘tear him apart’ in a fight. As of this writing, Punk has yet to respond to any of Graves’ Tweets, despite Graves tagging Punk in a number of posts, and telling him to call him as he still loves him.

You can read more on the lineage of Graves’ comments at this link.

After the comments Graves made about Punk on Saturday night, and it’s worth noting Graves never actually named Punk in any of his Tweets aside from tagging him at one point, Graves actually tagged both Triple H and Vince McMahon in a Tweet clarifying that the situation between him and Punk is not a WWE thing, but a personal thing: