Corey Graves On Having Vince McMahon In His Ear, Subject of the Next ‘WWE 24’ Special Revealed


During a recent interview with Edge and Christian on the E&C Pod of Awesomeness, Corey Graves spoke about what it is like having Vince McMahon and other producers in his ear during commentary.

Below is a highlight from the interview with a h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

I went from NXT where it was obviously a taped show so I had my producer in my ear and I had my partner. Every once in a while [Michael] Cole would produce and jump in and say something but generally, it was very easy. You didn’t have to worry about hitting counts to live commercial breaks or anything like that.

So fast forward to Raw, now I’ve got Booker, I’ve got Cole, I’ve got [WWE producer] Kevin Dunn, I’ve got any number of people sitting in gorilla who have information they want to pass on to me. Then we’ve got the wacky 71-year-old billionaire who decides to spew things out when he feels like it, and when he says it, you better say it. That was the hardest thing because I think on a human level when you have someone talking in your ear you stop. You stop talking. That’s your instinct.

Graves continued…

“(Now) I can almost parrot something out as they’re still saying it to me. I’m like a word or two behind the phrase that they’re spitting into my ear.”

What Is The Next WWE 24 About?

WWE’s 24 series is one of the most popular original content that is provided on the WWE Network with the documentary style shows being a major hit with fans.

WWE has covered a variety of topics so far including Daniel Bryan’s retirement, the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania and Goldberg’s return and according to an advertisement, the next will be based on the women of WWE.

During an advert on social media, WWE stated that coming soon is WWE 24: Women’s Evolution 2. The company has already done a 24 on the women which focused on WrestleMania 32, but it appears that the company has another one in the works.

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