Corey Graves Reveals Which Tag Team He Thinks Is Being Wasted In WWE


During the latest episode of After The Bell, Corey Graves discussed which current WWE tag team he believes is being wasted right now.

Despite the fact that they are the current Raw Tag Team Champions, Graves believes that WWE could be doing much more with the Viking Raiders.

“What I took out of [RAW] was the waste that has become the RAW Tag Team Champions, The Viking Raiders. That’s right, I am calling it a waste – I am not calling them a waste. I am calling what I see of The Viking Raiders on my television is nothing but a massive missed opportunity,” Graves said. “Yes, they are the RAW Tag Team Champions. I have known Erik for probably fifteen years; we came up on the independents together in the Cleveland area and [he’s] one of my favorite people in the business. I’ve gotten to know Ivar fairly well. There are two outrageously talented dudes.

“If you’re not familiar, jump on WWE Network and take a look at their time in NXT. Should you be so inclined, get on YouTube and look at their stuff from New Japan or anywhere else they’ve done it because The Viking Raiders are one of the best tag teams on Planet Earth,” Graves continued. “They are capable of awesome matches night, after night, after night, and I don’t think it’s doing them any favors or the RAW tag team titles any favors having them beat the Long Island Polo Boys, or it was whatever baseball team – The Cubs a few weeks ago. It’s cartoony, it’s silly; you have got two legitimate badass athletes. Ivar especially is over 300 and something lbs., he can do stuff that men of that size should never be able to do. Let them shine.”

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