Corey Graves Sends Fan Complaint To Finn Balor, Tyson Kidd Backstage At SmackDown (Photo)

– Seen below, Corey Graves responded to a fan on Twitter that didn’t appreciate Graves calling Finn Balor’s pele kick an “overhead kick” and noted that Balor was the one that wanted them to use that name.

@WWEGraves Stop calling Balor’s Pele Kick a “Overhead Kick”. If you insist on continuing, tell the SD Live team to call AJ’s a Overhead too. — || Savage || (@JoshOwOSavage) April 12, 2017

– As seen below, Tyson Kidd, former WWE Superstar Christopher Nowinski and Nattie were backstage for last night’s SmackDown in Boston. As noted, Kidd has been out of action with a neck injury for while now.