Could “Broken” Matt Hardy Join All Elite Wrestling?


Matt Hardy’s wife Reby recently retweeted a post suggesting that her husband should take his “Broken” persona to All Elite Wrestling. Her response was simple and either did, or did not, open the door to Matt possibly joining AEW.

Hardy’s ring career has been on hiatus for the past few months and fans assumed that he had hung up the boots for the last time. Matt was supposedly working backstage with WWE and most of his supporters accepted that fact.

But Matt recently posted an Instagram pic of his trademark “Broken” name, saying that he conceived of it and that it will be his “FOREVAH.”

Hardy has obviously lost weight in his selfies, so he may not be in ring shape anymore. But working with AEW may be too tempting to pass up. If his association with WWE ends in 2019, “Broken” Matt Hardy could find his way to Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks’ new promotion.

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It’s unknown how long Jeff Hardy’s WWE contract is but it would be very interesting to see The Bucks versus The Hardyz in an AEW ring. Whether or not this will come to pass remains to be seen.

All Elite Wrestling is kicking into full gear thanks to the January 8 Jacksonville rally, which saw SoCal Uncensored and Pac officially joining the company. The surprise of the event was Chris Jericho, who announced he had signed with AEW.