Could Neville Be Set For A WWE Return?, Ted DiBiase Reveals Career Milestone & Talks Andre’s Health Issues


According to new reports online former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, could be in talks to make a return to WWE in the very near future.

A report by Pro Wrestling Unlimited states that the King Of The Cruiserweights might be in line to return to WWE for the first time in nearly a year with the report stating Neville could return at the upcoming WWE UK Championship event at the Royal Albert Hall.

If this does take place and WWE does create its own UK division, the Geordie wrestler would add some major star power to the show, but it is purely speculation at this point. Neville was part of an exhibition match at the last WWE UK Championship tournament against a debuting Aleister Black prior to the finals taking place and his contract currently remains frozen by the company.

Ted DiBiase Reveals Career Milestone & Discusses Andre The Giant’s Health

WWE Hall Of Famer, Ted DiBiase was recently interviewed by ESPN Charlotte’s The Gerry V Show for a short interview where he revealed the milestones of his career was, “My first WrestleMania, which was WrestleMania 4.”

He also gave a story about Andre The Giant summing up his health issues, which you can read below:

“There were nights that we would walk to the ring and he would put his hand over my shoulder, and to the public, it was like, ‘well, that’s just his partner,’ but he was steadying himself because his back [was so bad], and so I would be the one who was doing most of the bumping and flying around the ring.”